A Sheridan elementary school was briefly placed on lockdown Wednesday afternoon following a report of gunshots in the area, but police determined no threat existed.

The lockdown at Meadowlark Elementary School lasted some 23 minutes after the Sheridan Police Department received a report of gunshots being heard south of the school at roughly 3:30 p.m.

Between the Sheridan Police Department, Sheridan County Sheriff's Office and Wyoming Highway Patrol, roughly 10 officers responded to the area of the school.

Authorities determined no threat existed to students and staff at the school, nor to anyone in the area. Officers stayed in the area as school let out.

Police received further reports of gunshots being heard in the area as they investigated, according to a news release from the Sheridan Police Department. Authorities ultimately determined that a person was firing a semi-automatic rifle about a mile and a half south of the school.

That person was firing the rifle was determined to be in county, outside the city limits. The activity was deemed legal, and no criminal violations were associated with the discharging of the firearm.

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