Republican gubernatorial candidate Foster Friess on Thursday said his campaign has changed his agenda to three goals that supersede his interests in economic diversification, improving education and getting the budget in line.

"One, transparency and accountability; second, transparency and accountability; and third, transparency and accountability," Friess told about 100 supporters and campaign staffers and volunteers at a rally at the Good War Birds hangar at the Casper-Natrona County International Airport.

"If we can get that done, a lot of things are going to fall in place," he said.

Before Friess spoke, he gave a nod of thanks to former Pennsylvania GOP U.S. Senator and unsuccessful presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

During Santorum's warmup talk, he said Friess gave crucial financial support to him during his 2012 bid to be the Republican Party's nominee for President. Santorum finished second to party standard-bearer Mitt Romney, who unsuccessfully challenged Democratic President Barack Obama.

Friess' contributions helped propel Santorum from the single digits in the polls leading to the Iowa caucuses to virtually tying Romney. Despite his burgeoning popularity, Santorum eventually ended his campaign after poor showings in several states.

Santorum returned the favor Thursday.

"What I've seen from Foster Friess is exactly what the Lord calls us to do, just go out there every day, show kindness, be civil, show God's love, and do His will," he said.

"This is the man who walks the walk, and does it without saying, 'look at me,'" Santorum said.

When Friess told him he was running for governor, Santorum volunteered to help, he said. "I said, 'let me know when I can come out, and tell the people of Wyoming what an opportunity you have to elect someone who will bleed for you, who will bleed for this state, who will do what's necessary to make this state an enormous success and bring people together, and do it in a way that promotes civility.'"

Friess is among six Republicans seeking the party's nomination. The others are Bill Dahlin, Harriet Hageman, Mark Gordon, Sam Galeotos and Taylor Haynes.

The primary is Aug. 21.

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