It's a tragedy when anybody dies before their time, but it's especially tragic when young people are taken before they've even really had a chance to experience the life before them.

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Unfortunately, the lives of two teenage boys were tragically cut short on Wednesday as the result of a construction accident.

A GoFundMe was created for the family of the two boys, to help with funeral costs and all of the other associated costs that come with such a heartbreaking event.

The GoFundMe page, created by the boys' uncle, has a goal of $20,000 and has already raised more than $12,500 since its creation on Thursday.

"On the evening of June 15, Richard (age 16) and Desmond (age 12) were killed in a tragic construction-related accident," the GoFundMe's description read. "They were both wonderful brothers/sons/nephews to their family and brought unspeakable joy into the lives of those around them."

Photos of the two boys prove just that. Their smiles are contagious. Their eyes are wide and bright and captivating. Their joy was evident.

"I can’t remember a single time I saw Desmond without his signature full-teeth smile," his uncle Roy wrote. "His piercing blue eyes were constantly laughing, and joy continuously flowed out of him. He was exceptionally kind and knew when you were hurt and needed comforting. He deeply loved his mother, Rose, and brought her comfort and unspeakable joy. He was a beautiful, kind, joyous soul whose absence will leave this world a little less bright.

"The last time I spoke to Ricky, we discussed his plans for college, some of the poetry he had been writing, photography, and Platonic philosophy. He was exceptionally intelligent but also tender in how he thought and looked at the world. Always calm and reasonable, he was a peacemaker at heart and healed the world through kindness and creativity."

Roy Uptain continued writing about his nephews, stating that "There is no way to prepare for such a devastating loss. It shakes you to your core and makes it feel nearly impossible to go on without them. We’re grateful that both had a deep faith in Jesus and believe they are in a place without pain or suffering. Jesus promises that we will be with him in paradise when we die."

Then, Uptain explained the reason for the creation of this fundraiser.

"I am asking for donations to help defer the costs associated with Desmond and Ricky’s passing and to give my sister Rose sufficient time to grieve their loss before being financially compelled to return to work," Uptain wrote. "She had recently completed one position as a traveling respiratory therapist and taken some personal time to buy a house with enough room for her family. She had just accepted another position in Fort Collins. I’d be truly grateful if you could help her feel like she has the time she needs to grieve and be present with her children.

"Please consider donating, as any amount will truly help our family during this difficult time.

"Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and support."

When something tragic happens, when we're faced with unrelenting sorrow that we can't understand, we want to do anything we can to help ease the burden. The truth of the matter is that there isn't a way to ease that burden. There's nothing we can say, nothing we can do that can make situations like this better. Words are meaningless, actions are trivial. It's hard because we just want to make others feel better, so we offer our thoughts and prayers, our well-wishes, our money. The sentiment is there but it just doesn't matter, because all the person wants is to hug their loved one just one more time. Nothing else matters.

Still, we try. Because it's all we can do.

Casper has a tendency to take care of our own when it's most needed. The rate at which money has already been raised for this GoFundMe is proof of that. And it proves that Casper residents are happy to do anything they can, whether it's a kind word, a smile, or a few dollars, to let the grieving family members know one thing.

They are not alone in this.

Funerals for the two boys will be held on June 21 at 11:00 a.m. at College Heights Baptist Church, located at 1927 S. Walnut Street.

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