Glenrock football coach Ray Kumpula made that team a state championship contender using a double-wing offense that is not seen very much in today's type of game. The Herders got a lot of mileage running the football and earned three state championships and played in a total of 8 state title games.

Kumpula had two stints as the Glenrock head man. The first one was from 1990 through 1996 and then returned in 2002 for his 2nd stint that lasted until 2018. His career record was 133-88 but in that 2nd stint, Kumpula enjoyed great success with a record of 116-52. The Herders were 2A state champions n 2002, 2003, and 2008.  That 2008 team ran the table at 11-0 which was Glenrock's first unbeaten season since 1977. He was a three-time Coach of the Year winner and started his coaching career way back in 1981. Kumpula was also a familiar face at track meets state-wide during his tenure with the Herders.

All those accolades earned him a spot in the 2021 Wyoming Coaches Association Hall of Fame class. He is joined in that class by Gil Bradfield of Laramie, James Hinshaw of Gillette, Cokeville's Keith Nate, Casper's Tom Rowley, Nate Urbach of Powell, and Tom Ralston of Jackson.

Casper's Sheryl Schroefel and Torrington's Tory Bugher were Hall of Fame inductees for their outstanding work at the junior high and middle school level. We had a chance to chat with Mr. Kumpula about his induction and career and that double-wing offense that drove opposing teams crazy. He's always been very humble about the success that he enjoyed in his career.

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