The South team showed a lot of fortitude on Saturday in Casper as they prevailed 27-24 over the North in the 50th annual Shrine Bowl.

We talked to a few of the South players and each had an outstanding game. Robert Campbell of Cheyenne South won a football game for the first time in 2 years. Hadley Myers of Little Snake River, who plays 6-man football, was on the field for every defensive snap. Garrett Schlabs of Cheyenne East was the Offensive Player of the Game. Luke Skeen of Douglas had a major role on defense containing some high-powered personnel from the North, and Logan Jones of Glenrock, who was a late addition to the game, scored a big 2nd half-touchdown.

All these guys were certainly ecstatic about the result and were grateful for the opportunity to play in the game.

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50th Annual Shrine Bowl

50th Annual Shrine Bowl

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