The Converse County Attorney has charged a Glenrock-area man with first-degree murder and aggravated robbery after finding a deceased woman in the county, Converse County Sheriff Clint Becker said Wednesday.

Monday, a Sheriff's deputy and a Glenrock Police officer responded to 67 Miller Road near Glenrock, Becker said.

"There was a subject at the scene they placed under arrest without incident," he said. "His name was Adam Trujillo; his age is 42, and he is in custody.

When the deputy and police officer entered the house, they found a deceased woman, 68-year-old Connie Bean, Becker said.

"This incident is under investigation as a homicide," he said.

There is no danger to the public or public safety issues, he added.

Becker declined to comment about the relationship between Trujillo and Bean, or other aspects of the investigation.