Average gasoline prices in Wyoming have risen seven cents in the last week, averaging $4.27 a gallon Monday, according to GasBuddy surveys.

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Prices in Wyoming are 19.3 cents higher than a month ago and $1.27 higher than a year ago, with the cheapest station in Wyoming being priced at $3.79 a gallon Sunday while the most expensive was $5.18 a gallon, compared to $5.13 a gallon from a week ago.

Natrona County currently is the third cheapest county in the state at an average gas price of $4.10 a gallon on Monday, with Albany County as the cheapest at $4.01 a gallon, while Teton County is the most expensive at an average of $4.68 a gallon.

The national average price of gasoline has risen 11 cents in the last week, averaging $4.57 a gallon Monday, with the national average up 45.4 cents from a month ago and $1.55 higher from a year ago.

Wyoming is the 14th cheapest state in the country, while Oklahoma is the cheapest average state on Monday at $4 a gallon while California continues to be the most expensive state at $6.01 a gallon.

Crude oil prices have fallen $2 in the past week, down to $110 a barrel, but lower than a recent high of $119.65 a barrel on March 8, while the price of diesel has fallen four cents nationally in the past week and is currently $5.51 per gallon.

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said:

"Gasoline prices surged over the last week to new record highs, but have finally started to slow their rise with diesel also finally cooling off," De Haan said. "With more Americans planning to hit the road for Memorial Day this year compared to last, prices will be over $1.50 per gallon higher than last year. Though, prices are appearing to slow down, for now. While the coast isn't clear yet, and prices will be at their highest Memorial Day level ever, I'm hopeful that we could avoid a dreaded national average of $5 per gallon this year. Whether or not we're able to depends on Americans cutting demand in the face of sky-high prices."

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