The first of two safety forums hosted by the City of Casper's Leisure Department happens this evening, Tuesday, February 25th.

Following the fatal accidents at Hogadon ski area last month city officials want to create a venue for taking feedback from the public on improving safety at the winter resort.

Doug Follick directs the Leisure department for the city of Casper and he says many of the comments he's received over the last month come from Hogadon users questioning their safety at the ski area.

"People were concerned with skiers and snowboarders, riders, whatever, people skiing fast.  Questioning control;  whether they're in control or out of control.  There were a couple of statements that people were afraid, because they probably are  there with their children.  They may ski or snowboard slower than other people."

Follick says many of the concerns, while legitimate, are not unique to Hogadon.  He says he's spoken with management at other areas around the country about safety practices.

"We have a safe ski area at Hogadon. Even though you go to different areas and you talk to the National Ski Area Association there are always some ideas out there that don't get shared."

Leisure department and board officials along with Hogadon management will be at both forums to take questions and comments. The first is tonight from 6pm to 7:30 at the Casper Recreation Center the second happens tomorrow, Wednesday evening,  February 26th, at Hogadon.