The weather outside is frightful and Hogadon Basin Ski Area has announced that, due to said frightful weather, they are shutting down operations until the earliest.

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That comes from a Facebook post from the City of Casper.

"Due to plummeting temperatures, Hogadon Baskin Ski Area is now closed for the remainder of Wednesday, Dec. 21 AND all day Thursday, Dec. 22. We'll reevaluate conditions on Friday, Dec. 23. The safety of our guests and staff is always our top priority, and sadly, it's to cold to be on the slopes."

Hogadon told users to keep an eye out for announcements on reopening Friday.

While this may disappoint some, as of the time of this writing, it's almost a complete white-out outside. The roads are slick. The wind is fast. The air is cold. It's not a fun time to be outside. Hopefully, by Friday, Mother Nature will have calmed down a bit.

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