Putin sucks.

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At least, that's what the owner of The Bourgeois Pig and his staff want the world to know. Signs that say 'Putin Sucks' and 'We [heart] Ukraine' adorn the front windows of the Downtown Casper coffee shop and, in truth, The Bougee Pig is just saying what most of us are thinking.

Last week, Russia, at the behest of Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine and began attacking the country. Since then, and with such cool stories coming out of the war (such as Ukraine citizens telling Russian soldiers to 'go f*ck themselves,' President Zlenskyy telling the world that he 'needs ammunition, not a ride,' and more), Americans have rallied behind the country.

Earlier this week, K2 Radio News shared a story of a Wyoming family who went right into the heart of Ukraine to bring their two adopted children home. They're not the only Wyomingites to support Ukraine, though, as evidenced by the window signs at The Bourgeois Pig.

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The Bougee Pig is no stranger to political statements, or controversial moves.

Earlier this year, The Bourgeois Pig advertised an art show that would protest marijuana prohibition in Wyoming. The coffee shop has also featured stories that bring awareness to victims of sexual assault.

"When it comes to statement art, there's not a lot of places to host it in town," owner Josh Tinnell said. "Most places aren't really rocking the boat a whole lot. And the idea of when I started the business in general was that it would be a place that rocks the boat just a little bit. So I just figured I was in a position where I could do it and it's not so much about money for me. I'm willing to take a little bit of a risk."

Nick Perkins, Townsquare Media
Nick Perkins, Townsquare Media

All of these moves and more prove that The Bourgeois Pig isn't interested in being politically correct; they say what is on their minds, and in their hearts.

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