Law enforcement responded to a standoff in Douglas Tuesday morning. Douglas Police Chief Steven Annetts said the call came in as an assault of a woman at half past midnight. When police arrived, they were greeted with a gunshot.

Gunfire reception:

"A male subject, later identified as Levie George, fired a gunshot at one of our responding officers. At that time additional officers from Douglas, Converse County Sheriff's Office and Wyoming Highway Patrol were dispatched and responded to the scene."

Chief Annetts said the complication to the standoff was the fact that children were in the house.

Children in the house:

"Had a perimeter established and the victim approached the officers with what appeared to be a laceration to her head. While we were assisting the victim, she advised the responding officers that there were six juveniles also in the residence. At that time, we went ahead and evacuated the residents near the area. We called the Natrona County Sheriff's Special Response Team, along with the Casper Police Department to ask if they could provide assistance to us."

There was another adult in the house, said Annetts, and he signaled officers outside when they could apprehend George.

Siege holder falls asleep:

"Well, after several hours of negotiating, Mr. Levie decided not to talk to us anymore. And apparently there was alcohol involved and he passed out in a chair."

The main thing was that no one was hurt and the kids were okay. Chief Annetts said the Converse County Attorney was preparing charges against George.

Peaceable resolution:

"Our main concern was the children in the house. That's what they focused on. We knew that they were apparently asleep in a back room, so we knew that we had time on our side as far as negotiating and we were just playing a waiting game."