A dog was shot and killed in its own yard Wednesday, and now the Casper Police Department hopes the public will help find the person responsible.

Sgt. Scott Jones told K2 Radio on Wednesday that the dog's owner, a woman, let the dog out in her yard in the 1300 block of East Eighth Street before going to a movie early Wednesday evening.

When she returned, she noticed the dog seemed sick or weak. She took the dog to a veterinarian, but Jones says the dog died before it could receive medical treatment.

The veterinarian reportedly believed the dog had been shot. The owner called police Thursday morning.

Officers investigated at the scene of the shooting, Jones says, and found blood. They also followed up with the veterinarian.

At this point, police believe the dog was shot with a small-caliber firearm. Jones believes the shooting occurred between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Jones urges anyone who may have information regarding the shooting to call the Casper Police Department at 235-8278.

Jones says police currently have no suspects, but he hopes the public will help police bring the shooter to justice.

"We find out who did it, we're going to charge them," Jones said. He described the attack as "cowardly."

"There's absolutely no cause for shooting a woman's dog," Jones added.

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