A man who had been accused of assaulting an elderly couple in Bar Nunn before an armed standoff with authorities ensued last year has been released from custody following a hearing regarding his mental competency.

William Mason Quillin, 44, had been charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of aggravated burglary. He could have faced up to 45 years imprisonment, had he been convicted on all counts.

Quillin had been set for a competency hearing in Natrona County District Court at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Sgt. Aaron Shatto of the Natrona County Sheriff's Office confirmed on Wednesday that Quillin is no longer in custody at the county detention center.

The charges carry a combined maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. Under a plea agreement, prosecutors have agreed to recommend Hinkle serve no more than seven to 10 years in the Wyoming Women's Center on each count, with those sentences running concurrently.

Hinkle had also agreed to testify against Quillin.

Charging documents said the pair were dating on Feb. 8, 2017, when they kicked in their neighbors' front door in the 4800 block of Bel Vista Drive. Quillin and Hinkle demanded that the neighbors -- a 71-year-old man and a 70-year-old woman -- produce a safe, before Quillin allegedly attacked them.

Sheriff's deputies responded after a neighbor saw Quillin allegedly assaulting the man with a snow shovel and had someone call 911. Authorities found Quillin and Hinkle inside Hinkle's home in the 4000 block of Bel Vista Drive late that night, but got no response when attempting to contact the pair.

The Special Response Team was activated and a nine-hour standoff ensued. Officers, after lengthy efforts to communicate using a loudspeaker, ended up using tear gas and non-lethal rounds to subdue the pair.

Quillin and Hinkle were arrested shortly after 9 a.m. on Feb. 9, 2017.

Hinkle is facing up to 7-10 years behind bars. Quillin is no longer in custody.

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