Talking about death is not easy, but it can be an important conversation for making sure someone's wishes for end of life are known and respected.

It's also a good opportunity to express our fears, hopes, and curiosities surrounding our own mortality.

Central Wyoming Hospice and the Nicolaysen Art Museum will be hosting a Death Café on Wednesday, November 1st at 5:30PM in correlation with The NIC’s Day of the Dead celebration. It’s an empowering conversation around death and dying, aimed at increasing awareness of and de-mystifying death to help people make the most of their adult lives.

“It’s a space where you talk about death to become more engaged with life, “says Susan Burk,
Community Liaison at CWHT.

The Death Café will be 5:30pm Wednesday, Nov 1, in The NIC’s McMurry Gallery. It is free and open to everyone. Coffee, treats, and companionship are provided. Please bring your thoughts, attitudes, hopes, and fears concerning death.

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