At tonight's Casper city council work session, they will go over the proposed budget for fiscal year 2025.

The number one goal, as it is currently written, is to create a more livable place for Casper residents.

The first task is to address homelessness in the community. First steps include measuring the scope of homelessness in Casper and keep an ongoing count.

Next, if approved, council will need to develop a system for tracking services provided to each homeless individual as well as negative incidences that occur.

Their last actionable step will require the City to improve the services it provides for the homeless and require the City to partner "more effectively" with area non-profits.

Council will discuss amendments to City ordinances that affect their response to homelessness, but the proposal does not specify which ones or what kind of changes specifically would be made.

The second task is to finish the new headquarters for the Casper Police Department in the Casper Business Center.

Task three is to replace or extensively renovate Metro Animal Shelter. Some funding from One Cent 17 has been set aside for this task, but additional funds will be needed. The Metro Animal Division will also enact operational changes to promote animal welfare.

In line with the goal of making Casper more livable, council will adopt an annual Capital Plan to improve the community's appearance, improve City infrastructure, and improve the quality of Casper's recreational offerings.

The final task will be to replace Casper Fire Station #1, as well as figuring out how to finance such a project. Further, the City would like to develop a firefighter training facility and is considering repurposing Fire Station #1 when it is replaced.

The second major goal of the budget looks at sustainability, and the top of that list is getting major new systems at the Wastewater Treatment Facility, followed by considering a funded stormwater program to help with the issue of flooding in Casper.

Goal three will be to increase civic engagement.

See the currently proposed budget in detail here.

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