• Casper Council poised to consider supporting Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) at tomorrow's council meeting.

A memo to Carter Napier from Fleur Tremel, Chief of Staff, summarizes that Casper is an active member of WAM, including discussing and voting on the WAM legislative agenda decisions every year at summer convention.

WAM incorporates 99 incorporated Wyoming cities and towns.

Casper is classified as Region 4. Its city manager Carter Napier is the Vice President of the Board; Cody's Matt Hall is the President.

Members of WAM annually submit their suggestions for the summer conventions, then WAM approves the resolutions and the City of Casper council may consider them.

The following are the resolutions that have been submitted for the 2024 WAM Summer Convention:

Submitted by Jackson:

  • Resolution Supporting the Retention of Ownership of Condominium Plats
  • Resolution to Amend State Statue to Increase Fees for Retail Liquor Licenses
  • Resolution Supporting Allowance of Local Revenue Generation

Submitted by Cheyenne:

  • Resolution Expressing the Support of the Governing Body to Request the State of Wyoming to Reconsider the 2022 House Bill 0148, Creating a Special Animal Control District
  • Resolution Expressing the Support of the Governing Body to Request the State of Wyoming to Reconsider the Decriminalization of Cannabis and Reform to the Wyoming Controlled Substance Act
  • Resolution Declaring that the City of Cheyenne has Agreed that Covenants Restricting Application of Waterwise Landscaping or Requiring Installation of Water-Intense Landscaping Mandate Irresponsible Use of Water Resources and Requesting the State Legislative Committees and State Legislature Review, Consider, and Adopt Modification to State Statutes to Nullify Covenants that Restrict Waterwise Landscaping or Require Installation of Water-Intense Landscaping

Submitted by Opal

  • Resolution on Behalf of the Governing Body of the Town of Opal to the WAM Advocating for Legislation to Designate Public Work Employees as Emergency Personnel

Submitted by Mills

  • Ordinance Regarding Legal Advertisements


  • Resolution of WAM Relating to 69th Annual Convention in Pinedale, Wyoming for June 2024.

Read the full agenda here.

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