Casper City Council agreed to submit a $1 million community readiness grant application to the Wyoming Business Council during a special regular session on Tuesday night.

City officials say, if approved, the city can use the funds to complete repairs to several streets within downtown Casper’s historic Old Yellowstone District.

Liz Becher, the city’s community development director, says she’s not quite sure whether the request will be approved by the business council. However, she also says both the city and surrounding communities have dealt with the same agency successfully in the past.

“We have been blessed in Casper with receiving business council grants, most recently with the downtown parking structure and the downtown bathroom facility,” Becher said. “I’m hopeful, but, again, it’s very competitive – it’s a statewide program.”

The grant requires a 15 percent match – in this case, $150,000 – from the city in certain eligible costs. Becher says the city has already met that requirement by allocating $250,000 toward engineering fees.

City manager John Patterson says proposed improvements along West Yellowstone Highway, Walnut Street and West Midwest Avenue include new benches and street lamps. Sidewalks and gutters will also be repaired.

The deadline for the city to submit the application is Sept. 1.