The city of Casper is now accepting proposals for community projects. Assistant City Manager Peter Meyers says that from the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax voters approved of last November, $6 million has been allocated for community projects and the Casper City Council will then select from the proposals.

Optional tax portion:

"We expect over the next four years for the one-cent sales tax to generate about 48 million dollars, in total, for the city of Casper. And six million dollars of that has been set aside for community projects, which would be projects that the city, of course, would assist with, but the lead would be taken by some other organization."

Meyers says the community improvement proposals which come from non-profit organizations stand the better chance of getting funded. The deadline to submit a proposal is February 28th.

Not for private businesses:

"We would expect them to come from other governments and non-profits. Now, can other organizations send forward proposals? Yes they can. Certainly, if they were a private business or something a lot of legal issues come up, we just can't give money to a private business, but, we'll accept proposals from anyone, and they'll be reviewed in due time."

Meyers said the City Council will consider the proposals during April and May. Submission forms and instructions can be picked up at the City Manager's Office in City Hall.

Submission forms, instructions:

"The Web site is w-w-w-dot-casperwy-dot-gov and there's a link there to where the forms are that helps you go through the process of coming up with a proposal. And as I say, we are expecting the proposals to come from non-profits and other governmental organizations, but it is at least conceivable that we'll get some from other organizations as well. Call the City Manager's Office at 307-235-8224, and we can mail one, too."