At a forum on the Natural Resources Committee and the Congressional Western Caucus, Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney talked about the damages president Joe Biden has done to the energy industry.

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Cheney asked Paul Ulrich, vice president of government and regulatory affairs for Jonah Energy in Pinedale, to describe the harm caused to Wyoming by Biden's energy policies.

"To put it frankly, Wyoming in federal land production is already at a competitive disadvantage. It takes us longer to get permits, you know, through a myriad of NEPA processes. You know, throughout the years you can see large projects that could take 12 to 18 months to get stood up in a private circumstance, it takes seven to ten years in Wyoming...In addition to that, if we do see regulatory or policy changes that, once again, only target federal operators and raise the cost of us doing business, you know, and employing and responding to those regulations, it could have that equal and negative impact as well. Economically, it’s very, very difficult for us to compete...We’d like to see that trend change and go the opposite direction, given how responsible we can produce energy in this country."

Some of the regulatory hurdles Ulrich mention include an oil and gas lease moratorium Biden implemented when he got into office, which has since been halted by federal courts, along with other possible regulatory measures his administration may put in place.

Cheney asked Ulrich what Congress could do to combat actions taken by Biden which she feels have hurt energy producers in Wyoming.

"First and foremost, the status quo on royalty rates, etc. is a major issue for us. Working with the Administration to solidify a longer term energy strategy that recognizes how important federal land development is, and incentivizing development on federal land so we can be more competitive domestically, and just as importantly, more competitive globally...The ability to export that and compete on a global level, and meet climate goals is a serious opportunity for federal land producers we should not pass up."

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