The next step toward allowing a public conversation on changing the city of Casper's open-carry of weapons ordinance happens Thursday.

Casper city council will address the subject at its work session.

"There's a least a strong concern with council that this issue be addressed, whether it's by us, or more importantly, at the legislative level where it encompasses all communities throughout the state."

A majority of Casper City Council members have indicated they want to see open carry and concealed carry laws brought into line.

Currently concealed weapons are not allowed at public meetings and are banned from the legislative chambers in Cheyenne. Casper City Council wants the same restrictions for open carry of weapons.

Casper's Chief of Police, Chris Walsh crafted language for a change to the current city ordinance pertaining to weapons. The proposed change would make it unlawful for anyone except law enforcement to carry a weapon into or at any meeting of the city.

Mayor, Paul Bertoglio,  indicated at the close of their last work session that they would like to bring the subject forward for at least one public hearing in order get a sense of how the public feels about the proposed change.

A public hearing date has yet to be set.

City Council meets in work session at 4:30 Thursday in the city council meeting room Casper City Hall.



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