The Center Street underpass for I-25 will be closed Friday, July 17, from midnight to 4 a.m. for storm water line cleaning, according to a news release from the Casper City Manager's Office.

The cleaning is part of routine maintenance that is performed on storm water lines.

City staff will use large combination jet/vacuum trucks to remove sediment and debris from the storm water catch basins and storm sewer lines in the underpass. The storm storm sewer lines then will be videoed to assess their condition.

The work will last approximately four hours.

Motorists accessing Center Street south from Interstate 25 may use the Poplar Street exit to West First Street.

Motorists accessing Center Street from north Casper may use F Street.

Routine maintenance on storm sewer lines helps to keep them flowing properly. City of Casper storm sewers flow directly into the North Platte River. Storm water is not treated.

Residents can help protect the storm water system and the river by bagging their trash, picking up litter, and using chemicals according to their directions.