At the beginning of the 2011-12 school year, CY Middle School adopted Destination ImagiNation as a curriculum.  This program teaches critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills.  CYMS hosted seven DI teams who were presented with a complex problem and challenged to use creativity and logic to develop a solution to the problem.  After months of research and practice, the teams presented their creative solutions to a panel of judges.  Teams were appraised on their ability to meet the many intricate requirements of the challenge by working together and after a statewide competition, 3 of the teams were selected to go on to global competition next week. Teacher Desiree Riley said,

These kids need a venue to extend their thinking into areas that are relevant to the real world and an opportunity to implement 21st century skills.  They thrive when they are given the opportunity to work with something they are passionate about and are encouraged to be as creative as their imagination will allow. Throughout the year, I have watched these students develop the skills they need to be effective and creative problem solvers.

Ms Ripley joined us to talk about the program and the trip.

16 Kids leave next Tuesday, May 22nd, for competition in Knoxville, Tennessee to square off against  over 8,000 students who make up the 1,200 competing teams. and are doing various fundraisers to help defray the costs associated with the trip. if you can help you are encouraged to contact CY Middle School at 253-2700.

Ms Ripley is also looking for people, businesses and foundations who would like to sponsor a team for the 2012-13 school year.  The DI program has already doubled in size and is serving many talented students that the costs are becoming more than the school can absorb.  The start up fees for one team adds up to $500. This includes their team membership, registration for state competition, and project materials. A business can sponsor a specific team and follow their progress throughout the year and maybe get the opportunity to see them off to Global Finals!


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