The Casper Rotary Club is set to have their latest park, the Adventure Bouldering Park, finished by August 21.

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The park will consist of several large boulders, made by Eldorado Climbing in Colardo, reaching up to 10 feet in height, with handholds for people to climb around on top of them.

John Griffith, a member of the rotary club, said the project started back in 2019 and has cost over $100,000, paid for by donations at their annual duck derby event.

Tandem Design + Build via Casper City Council June 15, 2021 Packet

The bouldering park will be set up near the Crossroads Adventure Park and will be a donation to the city of Casper that will be maintained by the city.

Griffith said the park can act as a way for people to get into climbing and learn about the sport in a safe environment.

"What we wanted to do is create a park that allowed both our community residents, but also visitors coming in here, to start to learn about the sport of bouldering and rock climbing, and understand that this is a great place to do it and use it almost as an introduction to the sport of climbing."

As the crossroads park has been around for 13 years, Griffith said the bouldering park is a good way to entice older kids and encourage people to get outside.

Tandem Design + Build via Casper City Council June 15, 2021 Packet

"If you go down there with kids under 10, it's great. But if you go with kids who are older, they don't have that much to do...So we have to install something and build something that was unique to Casper, but that also followed along the lines of rotary as far as healthy lifestyles. It's just one more way to entice people to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of Casper Wyoming."

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