The City of Casper announced on Tuesday that residents may begin watering their lawns up to twice each week.

However, no more than 20 minutes per zone is permitted.

The loosened restrictions come after the city issued a request on Friday urging residents not to water their lawns. The restrictions are the result of a chemical failure at a chemical manufacturing plant.

According to city officials, the chemical played a critical role in treating water at the Central Wyoming Regional Water System's treatment plant.

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City of Casper Public Information Officer Beth Andress thanked area residents for helping to conserve water.

"Thank you to all of those who responded to the need to conserve treated water for drinking and household purposes," Andress said in a written statement. "The Regional Water plant is expecting several shipments of water treatment chemical, which will give us enough supply for twice per week watering."

Andress recommends hand-watering flowers- new trees and vegetable gardens.

If you have a newly seeded or sodded yard, water only during the evening.

The Central Wyoming Regional Water System issued its first conservation request on July 16 following an equipment failure at a major water treatment chemical manufacturing plant.

According to the city, the chemical enables the facility to treat an additional 18 million gallons of water per day, which is needed to meet the water demand for watering lawns during the summer.

The request was subsequently followed roughly two weeks later with a two-day-a-week watering restriction.

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