The 89-year-old man killed in a crash last week suffered an undisclosed medical problem which caused the accident, Casper police told reporters Tuesday morning.

Charles Lindbloom was dead when officers arrived at the scene shortly before 2:30 p.m. Friday, where a red pickup had hit Lindbloom's vehicle some 200 feet south of the intersection of West 13th Street and Southwest Wyoming Boulevard.

Detective John Hatcher says Lindbloom was driving southbound on Southwest Wyoming Boulevard and suffered an undisclosed medical condition. The medical event caused Lindbloom to slump over onto the passenger seat, which Hatcher says explains reports from eyewitnesses who said they saw no driver in Lindbloom's vehicle.

Following the medical problem, his vehicle drifted to the right and hit the curb, sending the vehicle back to the left and into oncoming traffic.

That's where the red pickup hit Lindbloom's vehicle in a t-bone type collision. The 33-year-old man who was driving the red pickup was not injured.

An autopsy confirmed Lindbloom's medical event happened before the crash, Hatcher says. Lindbloom was not wearing a seat belt, and was the only person in his vehicle.

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