April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and, throughout the next 4 weeks, the Casper Police Department will be shining a light on the issue, and sharing a lot of information regarding the subject.

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"While the topic may still be considered uncomfortable for some, as a law enforcement agency, we see the devastating effects of this on #ourcommunity far too often," the CPD wrote on their Facebook page. "Sexual assault and sexual violence take place in many different ways and has devastating, life-changing impacts on victims."

The CPD stated that this month, and every month, they are committed to preventing and ending sexual violence in our community.

"We're committed to thoroughly investigating instances of sexual assault, and working diligently to hold criminals accountable for their actions, while providing support to victims," the CPD wrote.

Additionally, the Casper Police Department will be sharing ways that the community can be a part of the solution to preventing sexual assault.

"Our goal is to help victims of sexual assault feel as comfortable and supported as possible," said Leslie Fritzler, the Victim Services Specialist for the Casper Police Department.

To learn more about the Victim Services Unit, you can visit this link.

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