It’s been said that the best defense is a good offense. The Casper Police Department certainly subscribes to this adage, at least in terms of vehicle robberies.

The CPD recently put out a social media post, stating that they had arrested a suspect that had committed several auto burglaries around town.

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“In one instance,” the post stated, “this suspect broke into a vehicle, stole a garage door opener, entered a residence and stole a credit card, along with the keys to a truck.”

The post continued, saying that “We then believe he stole the truck and used the stolen credit card.”

The Casper PD said that they have reasons to believe that many other vehicles around that location may have also been burglarized within the same time framce.

“So,” the post said, “for residents living in the area of Columbine Drive in Casper, please take time to go through your vehicles.”

The PD said that if you find that you are missing items, to call them or file a report through

Casper PD also took the opportunity to remind folks to lock their vehicles and take valuables out every time they leave their vehicle unattended.

They stated that they arrest suspects of auto burglary often and almost every time they do, the suspects didn’t even have to “break in” to a car – they were unlocked.

“Always lock your doors to your house and to your car,” the PD stated. “Together, we can keep this community safe.”

A couple days ago, we arrested an individual suspected of committing several auto burglaries in our community. In one...

Posted by Casper Police Department on Saturday, March 20, 2021

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