The Casper Mountain Preservation Alliance (CMPA) has organized a walking tour of the state land where Prism Logistics has proposed putting a gravel mine.

The walk takes place Sunday, May 5th at 2:00 p.m.

Chairwoman Carolyn Griffith has lived on Coates Road for 24 years. She says they want to showcase the area and let people know about the water systems in the area, which they believe will be greatly affected by a gravel mine.

CMPA has serious concerns about the gravel project's reliance on water sources that feed into the Platte River.

"Mining even a small section of the area could severely impact water quality and disrupt the natural ecosystem, affecting both humans and wildlife."

Other concerns include potential disruptions to wildlife, public access, devalued property values, and increased traffic, and health hazards.


Over 6,000 people have signed their name on a petition that adamantly opposes the mine.

"We the undersigned, stand united in opposition to permitting gravel pit operations within the confines of Wyoming State Lands school section, Coates Road, Squaw Creek area, and the surrounding region" reads the petition.

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