Bruce Knell has resigned from his position as Casper Mayor immediately. The resignation came less than an hour after the City of Casper held a news conference pertaining to allegations against him.

Screenshot of Mayor Knells Letter of Resignation, City of Casper
Screenshot of Mayor Knells Letter of Resignation, City of Casper

After K2Radio News published a story about an alleged attack on Knell's wife, Stacy Casper, hundreds of residents expressed their concerns on social media.

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During today's news conference, City Manager Carter Napier explained that no formal actions would be taken to remove Knell from the council and certified that  Knell is innocent until proven guilty.

"Without a doubt, Mayor Knell certainly has the opportunity to consider a voluntary resignation that he would tender on his own free will and choice, however at this point in time I'm not aware that he has that in mind to do. So that may or may not become something that happens."

Knell was not in attendance and was not afforded the opportunity of speaking on his behalf, nor the City Council.

The City Council will, however, hold an executive session at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, Sep. 22 at The Lyric.

"In any action that the council would want to take would need to be done in a regular meeting. And so, if indeed, there is an action that needs to be taken, and it goes beyond simply the information we plan to provide during that dialogue, we would adjourn the executive session, reconvene the public portion of the meeting and have that action entertained via a vote one way or another" stated Napier.

Napier also stated that concerns pertaining to Knell's alleged substance abuse are being directed to the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

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