A judge bound over a man for trial in Natrona County District Court on charges related to a violent home invasion in Evansville in July 2015.

At the end of a preliminary hearing Thursday, Natrona County Circuit Court Judge Steve Brown ordered Tanner Davis to stand trial for robbery, burglary, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery and conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.

Assistant District Attorney Trevor Schenk called Casper Police Officer Jonathan Peterson to testify about the case.

However, Peterson himself did not work the case in July 2015, and referred to the affidavit written by another officer.

Another defendant in the case, Konnor Patrick "Rollo" Rollison, was arrested in September, and Peterson's testimony reflected what was in the affidavit about Rollinson, who with Davis, Taylor Whiting and another man, planned to rob a man of his marijuana.

Peterson said the officer who handled the case interviewed the victim in May 2016, 10 months after the home invasion.

In the Rollinson affidavit, the alleged victim said he had not gone to the police because the alleged robbers told him they would kill him if he talked to authorities.

Peterson said the victim and two juveniles were at his trailer in Evansville about July 4, 2015, and the juveniles went to sleep on the living room couches, he went to sleep in the back bedroom.

He awoke to shouting, which he didn't think was related to anything threatening. He yelled for his friends to quiet down.

He then heard noises which made his dogs jump up. He held the dogs back, then one of the juveniles burst into the bedroom, saying, "They have guns," according to court documents about Rollinson.

Whiting and Davis, both wore masks. Davis held a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun with orange tape wrapped around it to make it look like a fake gun, Peterson said. Whiting held a hatchet.

The alleged victim says Whiting held him at gunpoint while Davis went through Christopher's room and closet, taking whatever he could carry. Whiting then used the hatchet to smash a laptop computer.

Whiting and Davis ransacked the trailer, took shoes, the victims' phones, $350 from a wallet, a PlayStation 4, and marijuana pipes but no marijuana.

One of the juveniles recognized Davis, called him by his nickname, and Whiting allegedly kicked the juvenile in the face.

Davis later admitted to the robbery, Peterson said.

Public Defender Rob Oldham asked why the charging documents listed robbery even though the intention was to burglarize the place and not rob the occupants.

Oldham finished his short cross-examination of Peterson because the officer was not the one who investigated the case and only relied on the affidavit.

Oldham said that was like trying to cross-examine a piece of paper.

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