A Mills man who reportedly conspired with a group of people to use guns and hatchets to rob an alleged drug dealer of his marijuana has been arrested on four felony charges.

Konnor Patrick "Rollo" Rollison, 28, was booked into jail on recommended charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy.

Casper police have not released details of Rollison's arrest, but court documents say Rollison allegedly participated in an aggravated robbery in which the victims were threatened with guns and hatchets, then tied up and left.

A detective learned about the robbery, which occurred during the summer of 2015, while speaking with a confidential source who reportedly said "Taylor Whiting and others robbed Bradon Christopher at gunpoint."

A special agent with the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation told the detective that Robert "Ty" Wyatt implicated Whiting in an armed robbery which occurred in that time period.

In May 2016, the detective interviewed Christopher, who said he had not gone to the police because the alleged robbers told him they would kill him if he talked to authorities.

Christopher said he was at his trailer in Evansville near the Fourth of July, 2015, with two close friends, who will be referred to as 'Juvenile One' and 'Juvenile Two' throughout this story in order to protect their identities.

After hanging out, the juveniles went to sleep on the living room couches, while Christopher went to sleep in the back bedroom.

Christopher awoke to shouting, which he didn't think was related to anything threatening. He yelled for his friends to quiet down.

Then, Christopher heard some banging and other noises which made his dogs jump up. He held the dogs back, then Juvenile Two burst into the bedroom, saying, "They have guns."

Juvenile Two was followed by two men, later identified as Taylor Whiting and Tanner Davis, who repeatedly yelled, "Where's the s--- at?" They were reportedly holding guns, pointing them at Juvenile Two.

Both Whiting and Davis were wearing masks, Christopher told the detective, and Whiting was pointing a handgun at Christopher. Whiting was also allegedly holding a hatchet, while Davis was holding a small rifle or shotgun.

Christopher says Whiting held him at gunpoint while Davis went through Christopher's room and closet, taking whatever he could carry. Whiting then used the hatchet to smash the laptop computer next to Christopher's bed.

Whiting and David then moved to the spare bedroom of the trailer and ransacked it as well. Ultimately, Christopher said, they ransacked the entire house.

The alleged robbers then took the shoes and cell phones from all three victims.

In total they took about $350 in cash from Christopher's wallet and a PlayStation 4. Christopher said the robbers, "Swooped up all the valuable stuff and left."

At one point, Juvenile Two used Davis' nickname, and Whiting allegedly kicked Juvenile Two in the face.

The intruders had tied up Juvenile One in the living room. He was able to untie himself after they left.

Through other interviews, the investigating detective was told that Rollison was with Whiting and David during the burglary. He was one of the people who allegedly tied up Juvenile One.

While Whiting and David went into Christopher's room, Rollison allegedly stayed in the living room with Juvenile One. The intruders took from the juveniles their new Jordan sneakers, their cell phones and Juvenile One's wallet.

The detective was able to interview Davis via telephone. He allegedly admitted to participating int he robbery, saying that he, Whiting and Rollison went into the house and ransacked the place. Davis reportedly said Rollison took things from the main living area of the trailer.

A fourth person involved in the robbery, who had waited outside in the car while the other three went inside, later told the detective that he heard yelling and screaming after the other three went inside the trailer. He said he felt threatened because the other three had weapons, including a sawed-off shotgun.

In August, the detective again interviewed Davis at the Casper Police Department.

Davis reportedly said Whiting, after being up for several days, had the idea to rob Christopher of his marijuana.

"It was common knowledge to the group that Bradon sold marijuana," court documents say.

Whiting, Davis, Rollison and three others allegedly planned the robbery at an address on East Eighth Street in Casper. Whiting reportedly knew that Christopher had marijuana, and "flipping" it would be a good way to make money.

Davis and Rollison allegedly volunteered to go with Whiting.

When the group reached the house, Davis carried a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun with orange tape wrapped around the muzzle to make it look like a fake gun. Rollison carried a hatchet, while Whiting carried a 9mm pistol, which he allegedly brandished during the robbery.

Davis said the group ended up stealing at least 15 marijuana pipes, a PlayStation 4 and games, a BB-gun pistol and a laptop sound system. They didn't end up getting any marijuana.

Agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives interviewed a number of suspects, witnesses and victims, and corroborated details.

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