A man accused of sexually abusing young children heard the six felony charges against him Tuesday morning in Natrona County District Court.

Douglas Clayton Jones pleaded not guilty to three counts of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor and three counts of third-degree sexual abuse of a minor. If convicted on all counts, he could face up to 105 years in prison.

Charging papers say the mother of the three victims contacted the Casper Police Department in mid-July to report the alleged abuse.

In the course of investigating, two victims were interviewed at the Children's Advocacy Project. Those victims reportedly told similar stories regarding the abuse, saying Jones had abused them while they sat with him in a particular reclining chair.

"I don't know why [Jones] said it was a secret, I think that it was just because he thought that he would get in trouble," one victim reportedly told the forensic interviewer.

"[Jones] doesn't want to go to jail, it's just a little law broke," another victim said, according to court documents. "He knows what he's gonna wear if he breaks a law, it's going to be that gray and white."

At least one of the victims' family members -- besides their mother, who made the report to police -- was told about the alleged abuse, the victims said, but didn't believe Jones was committing the acts.

"[Jones] lied, why would he lie to his own wife, he's supposed to do the right thing, he's supposed to tell the truth," one victim said during their forensic interview.

Jones, who works as a pilot car driver, was out of town on a two-week work trip when the police investigation began. He arranged to meet with the investigating detective upon his return.

On Aug. 10, court documents say, the detective and an investigator with the Wyoming Department of Family Services met Jones at the Casper Police Department. When Jones was told about the investigation, he declined to speak with investigators.

Jones was arrested.

Having denied all six counts charged against him Tuesday morning before Natrona County District Court Judge Thomas Sullins, Jones remains free on $50,000 bond.

His trial is set to begin Dec. 11.

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