At their council meeting on Tuesday, Casper City Council voted to approve the bar and grill liquor license for the Spotlight Lounge while denying an application for Wyoming Downs.

The council was originally set to hear the case for three different businesses looking to get one of the two bar grill and liquor license's that were available, however the restaurant Mouthful rescinded their application on August 2.

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The owners for both establishments, Matt Miskimins for the Spotlight Lounge and Eric Nelson for Wyoming Downs, came to council to argue for approval of a license for their establishment, while answering questions posed by council.

Before voting on approving the license's, council member Steve Cathey  attempted to table voting to allow more discussion at their work session on August 10.

After discussion amongst council highlighting the need for the businesses to get a decision sooner, everyone except for council member Kyle Gamroth voted against tabling discussion.

Council voted to approve the license for the Spotlight Lounge, with council members Cathey and Lisa Engebretson voting against, and unanimously voted against approving Wyoming Downs' application.

Council member Bruce Knell said it would be a waste to give a license to Wyoming Downs, because the business is primarily focused on gambling and there are not many people that would utilize the bar provided by the license, and that they should hold onto the license for it could be put to more use.

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