Summer is in full swing and with that comes lots and lots of river floats. Everyone loves a good river float. You gather friends, you bring some drinks, and you go where the water takes you.

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The more responsible among us even wear lifejackets. The only problem is, there are very few of them left at the loaner stations.

The Facebook page 'Respect Our River,' posted a photo of a barren loaner station.

"This is what a sad Life Jacket Loaner Station looks like!" the post from Respect Our River stated. "We have lost A LOT of life jackets this summer."

Casper Firefighters shared the post, in the hopes of getting some jackets back to the stations.

One commenter stated that he had replaced 4 jackets at the station. Another commenter asked if she could donate jackets her children had outgrown.

The Life Jacket Loaner Station is a community service; one that, unfortunately, could easily be taken advantage of.

The community is urged that, if they have life jackets they've borrowed, they should return them. It sounds hyperbolic, but it really could save somebody's life.

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