The Casper City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to purchase 70 new golf carts for the Casper Municipal Golf Course.

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The vote was 7-0 to purchase the new carts, after city officials heard three different bids to replace the golf carts, according to a memo to the City.

The winning company was Colorado Golf and Turf. Their bid was for the total of $398,685. The two other bids included Masek Distribution in Oklahoma, who provided a $436,450 bid and EZ-GO Division in Georgia, who quoted a $487,639.62 bid.

The city opted for the Colorado-based company.

The reason for the new carts is because the golf course's current carts have come to the end of their 5-year lease and warranty period.

The money is coming from the 'Opportunity Fund.' The budget for the City's 2023 fiscal year did make space for this new purchase, which will be made by Dan Coryell, Fleet Manager, with oversight then being transferred to the Golf Course Superintendent, Jason Ostlund, once the equipment is received.

The full memo can be seen below:

Golf Memo.

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