A Casper family has launched a brand new custom golf cart business: Amy Lou's Carts, named after Dexter Bryant's mom.

He's a Casper boy who has lived in the Oil City for his whole life. Dexter has been married for thirteen years and he and his wife (also named Amy) have three boys.

I ask how extreme the golf carts can get. Flames?

"As extreme as people want. I can do literally almost any color there is. We can do the bars different colors, roofs different colors. Anything like that" he explains.

Their current fleet includes built-in Bluetooth speakers, a backup camera, blinkers, a 10" touch screen for controls, seatbelts, both front and rear facing seats, headlights, a horn, and more.

Courtesy Amy Lou's Golf Carts
Courtesy Amy Lou's Golf Carts

The PGA reports that more Americans are playing golf than ever before. About one in seven Americans played golf in 2022, resulting in a $101 billion economic impact. That's up 20% from 2016.

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, golf saw a surge it hadn't seen since Tiger Woods burst onto the scene in the Nineties.

Bryant says he was definitely thinking about that in anticipation of this new venture. And golf carts, by the way, aren't just for golfing. People enjoy having them at the lake or just bopping around the neighborhood. They're becoming more high-end for comfort and style.

You'll find them at campgrounds, college campuses, car dealerships, and warehouses. I even saw one at the landfill this summer that they use for cruising around the compost site.

"Work hard play hard," accurately describes the Bryants. Dexter is a Natrona County Sheriffs Deputy and K-9 handler. "I get bored on days off so I have to be doing something, too."

He enjoys doing stuff with his kids and loves to golf and hunt. In about a month he's launching another business--Bryant Baseball--and will be selling custom baseball, batting, and golf gloves.

Vintage Golf Carts

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