Casper City Council on Tuesday agreed to tweak the criteria used for selecting events that are eligible for community promotions funding.

Organizations must now meet two requirements if they want cash to help put on certain events in Casper. The event must now be able to better the quality of life of Casper residents and bring revenue or business to the city.

Previously, organizations had to only meet one of the two requirements listed above.

Casper mayor Paul Meyer said policy clarification was needed.

“Most of it is to have a standardized policy that makes it easier on people out there applying for these funds, so we don’t disclude them one year and include them the next year,” Meyer said.

Organizations requesting only facility use only have to meet either the revenue or quality of life requirement.

A percentage of the roughly $380,000 council goals account will be used to fund community promotions this year. 36 organizations applied for cash or in-kind aid last August.

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