The Casper City Council will consider raising some of the fees at its indoor and outdoor recreation facilities.

Tim Cortez, the city's director of parks and recreation, told the city council at its pre-meeting on Tuesday that the department has not raised facilities' fees for four or five years.

"We just can't kick the can down the road anymore," Cortez said.

The fee increases would be phased in over one year to three years to soften the blow to the users of the facilities, he said.

The fee increases would follow a "pay to play" model that would have the users pay their fair share and lessen the burden on the city's general fund, Cortez said.

In a memo from Cortez and recreation manager Phil Moya to Casper City Manager Carter Napier, they said the city staff has assessed the rates of city facilities and programs compared to other Wyoming cities and towns.

"Our team had recognized that we were deficient inn many of areas and have proposed adjustments to specific existing fees to meet the industry standard and market value," Cortez and Moya wrote.

Likewise, the city staff researched local recreation organizations Lifetime Health and Fitness and the YMCA.

The proposed fee increases would apply to the Aquatics Facility, the Casper Recreation Center, the large outdoor facilities -- Mike Sedar and Paradise Valley parks -- and small outdoor facilities -- Washington and Marion Kreiner parks.

To see the proposed increases, visit the work session agenda.

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