City councilors on Tuesday unanimously agreed to put nearly $300,000 toward an extensive sewer lining installation project for the city of Casper.

Denver-based TES, Inc. will be tasked with installing 9,500 feet of PVC liner within existing sections of clay pipe located near so-called "trouble areas" outlined by the city's waste water collections department.

Casper mayor Paul Meyer says the liner will extend the life of the city's sewer system.

“You get under our streets and, particularly in the older sections of town, (the pipe) is clay (and) cast-iron – it’s stuff you just don’t use anymore,” Meyer said. “Our acidic soils up here are just absolutely devastating to this pipe.”

The city expects the sewer work to be completed by June.

Council on Tuesday also approved over $340,000 for the city's annual public utilities asphalt repair project.