Casper City Council approved the first reading of its nuisance fire alarm ordinance Tuesday night.

Under the ordinance, which was passed 7-2, homeowners and business owners with registered alarm systems will get two free false fire alarms annually, but will be subject to a $100 fine for a third false alarm and each false alarm after that.

Individuals with alarm systems not registered with the city will be given no leeway, however, and will be fined upon first offense.

“It’s usually a ladder truck and a fairly large fire engine that are responding to these false alarms,” Casper mayor Paul Meyer said. “When you’re getting multiple false alarms, citizens need to be accountable for their alarm systems, as do businesses.”

Meyer voted in favor of the ordinance. Ward I’s Keith Goodenough and Ward II’s Craig Hedquist cast both dissenting votes.

The proposal also indicates that an annual $10 fee will be attached to the registration process.

Two more readings must be approved before the ordinance can be adopted.