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The students and staff of Midwest School will finish the school year at the former North Casper Elementary School on Friday, according to a news release from the Natrona County School District on Thursday afternoon.

The school district was told that the Midwest School building is not safe to occupy after a gas leak that began Wednesday evening.

District personnel are working with Source Gas and industry representatives to identify the source of the leak.

The district's transportation department will be communicating directly with parents who are residents of Midwest about busing their children to Casper.

Normal transportation will continue for Casper-based students.

Midwest Graduation will be held at the Wheeler Concert Hall at Casper College at 3 p.m. Sunday.
Please note the time has been changed to allow additional time for students and their guests to arrive. A reception will follow.

"We appreciate your patience and understanding during this process," the news release said. "We want to continue to stress our goal of keeping students and staff safe."