Amanda Huckabay has resigned her position as Ward I representative on Casper City Council.

In a letter sent to Council on Friday afternoon, Huckabay says her resignation is effective immediately. She intends to relocate to St. George, Utah, with her fiancé and her daughter.

Councilwoman Kenyne Humphrey says Council will advertise the open seat, interview those interested in filling the seat, and make a selection from those candidates.

The person selected to fill the seat will serve roughly two and a half years remaining of the four-year term to which Huckabay was elected in 2016, Humphrey said.

Of Huckabay's service on Council, Humphrey said, "She fought valiantly for issues affecting women and personal rights. It will certainly be a loss but I'm so happy for her and this new chapter of her life."

Here's the full text of Huckabay's resignation letter:

Greetings - 

As you all know, I recently got engaged.  Due to unforeseen circumstances with my previous employer and issues with my daughter being severely bullied, I have made the decision to relocate to St. George, Utah with my fiancé.  This was a very difficult decision for me to leave the political scene in Wyoming, especially since I was recently solicited by the National Libertarian Party to run for State Legislature, which I also declined.  I am proud of the work we have accomplished in our time together, and I am saddened to leave.  However, the warrior energy I have embodied during my life, seems to have disappeared, and I am transitioning into a healing energy, thus I no longer have the passion for the activist work I have been doing for over 20 years. Part of being an effective leader is knowing when to step down, to allow for another to step up.  My hope is that you all will select another strong female from Ward I to represent the ideals I held for which I was elected.

My resignation is effective immediately, and I will return my City property once I return to Casper.

I will miss you my friends!  If you would like to come visit me in very warm weather, without wind, my door is always open!

Be well.

Amanda Kay Huckabay

Casper City Council, Ward I


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