An ordinance that would create a Human Rights Advisory Council in Cheyenne is receiving opposition from both the LGBT community and those who don't support gay rights.

The Cheyenne City Council's Public Services Committee heard nearly two hours of testimony from two dozen people on the issue Wednesday afternoon.

Councilman Dicky Shanor, who has been the driving force behind the Human Rights Advisory Council, said the discussion brought up all kinds of different variables that confirmed to him the need for a task force.

"We do need to have some sort of task force put together to really evaluate this issue," said Shanor. "I think that there's sort of a false premise being perpetuated that the only way to handle discrimination is to either pass what Laramie did or not. And I think that when you get a lot of people together that really want to talk about solutions that we'll find some, but we need to be cautious and take it slow."

Shanor moved to have the matter postponed, but the motion was not seconded. The proposed ordinance will be on second reading when the City Council meets Monday night.