Better access to the North Platte River and enhanced amenities were outlined to Natrona County Commissioners this week.

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BLM Casper Field Office Manager, Joe Meyer says by the end of this year the Bureau of Land Management will have spent over 800 thousand on new and better camping sites, access roads, boat ramps, and various upgrades for the overnight and day use areas between Grey Reef reservoir and Bessemer Bend.

"We've been in the process of establishing a number of new overnight campgrounds that are actually places that people can take their camper or set up tents whatever it may be."

The enhancement projects along what's called the Trapper's Route management area target fisherman and area visitors to the North Platte River; something that studies by the Natrona County/Casper  Area Visitor's Bureau  indicate is  a big draw to the Casper Area. Along with the upgrades, Meyer says, recreational users can anticipate a user fee in the near future.

"We're in the process of going through public comment and implementing our business plan to charge fees at those sites. They're currently free, but our business plan calls for us to have a ten dollar-a-night fee for those campsites along the river."

This summer river users may have the benefit of two more campgrounds, Chalk Bluffs and Buffalo Berry located off of Trapper Road just down river from Golden Current campground and the Miles Landing day use area.