Black Hills Energy told Casper's building division on Friday that it would disconnect gas service to residences in west Casper, according to a news release from the city.

The company told the city it was concerned that the interior gas piping may be compromised because of settling and movement of the homes on Villa Del Rey Drive in the Mesa Del Sol neighborhood.

Black Hills Energy also contacted Rocky Mountain Power about these addresses and their electrical services.

Company spokesman Michael Howe said the city erred in its news release when it said it would provide space heaters for the homes. Instead, Black Hills will offer other help, but Howe declined to say what.

In October 2018, consulting firm Higgins and Associates, Inc., notified the city about numerous houses, that, in their opinion, had conditions posing imminent danger to the occupants.

The city's building division told those homeowners, asked to inspect their homes,  and supplied reports to them

The contractors that constructed the homes were also notified about the consultant's report and inspections.

The homeowners have sued those involved in the construction and selling of the houses, and the litigation continues.

Howe said Black Hills Energy is not involved in the lawsuit.