As summer vacation winds down, it's a good time to start getting your students ready to head back to school. Natrona County schools start up on September 5th, right after Labor Day, and school officials say whether it's getting them back in the groove or taking care of details for the upcoming school year, now's the time to start.

After the summer off, it's helpful to start to adjusting your child's schedule before it's time to head to class. "I know oftentimes summer is more fun so kiddos are staying up a little later or getting up a little later in the morning," says Tanya Southerland, Public Relations Officer for the Natrona County School District," so just kind of a couple of weeks prior to school starting maybe setting a routine, getting them back on schedule for when they would be getting up in the morning to go to school."

She says the "Back To School Nights" for the individual schools have been posted on the NCSD website, and it's very helpful to attend.  "It's always really great regardless of what age your student is, whether they're kindergarten or going into 11th grade, is to visit those back to school nights, get to know the teachers, get to know the school a little bit more. I think it kind of just gets kiddos back in the mind set."

Southerland also recommends signing up for the "Infinite Campus" Parent Portal, if you haven't already.  "It's kind of your window into your child's everyday at school as far as attendance is kept on there, grades are kept on there for specific students, usually the upper level grades," she says. "And then you can check immunizations as well as you can mark your emergency notification preferences, so if for some reason school is closed for inclement weather or something along those lines, if you have different text message, phone,or emails marked on there that's how you'll get those notifications."

Some other matters to think about:

  • Immunizations: Exclusion deadline is in October, make sure your immunizations are up to date. Your school nurse can help you if you have questions.
  • Transportation registration: If you're riding the bus and have not previously, you can register on the NCSD website.
  • Food Service Applications: Applications for free and reduced lunch are available on the NCSD website, as well as other food service information.
  • Sports physicals: Forms are available online, or likely at your Doctor's office.
  • Back to School Supplies: You can find the list for your school in stores, or on the NCSD website.

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