The Wyoming Area Office prepares for annual silt run by lowering the water level in Guernsey Reservoir starting July 12 to continue through July 25.

The silt run provides silt-laden water to Goshen, Gering-Fort Laramie, and Pathfinder Irrigation Districts under contract with Reclamation. As the silt-laden water gets diverted into an irrigation canal, the water slows down and the silt sinks to the bottom of the canal. This works as a type of temporary sealant to help minimize the seepage out of the bottom and sides of the canals.

This will result in changing river flows below Glendo and Guernsey Reservoirs and the rapid lowering and refilling of Guernsey Reservoir

Water release schedule:

July 7 - The release of water from Glendo Reservoir will be decreased from approximately 5,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) to a flow of between 1,500 cfs and 500 cfs. The decreased flow will cause a rapid decline of the Guernsey Reservoir level of approximately 25 feet starting the evening of July 7 and continuing through July 11.

July 11 - The boat ramps at Guernsey Reservoir will no longer be useable due to the low reservoir level. Water being released from Glendo Reservoir will flow through Guernsey Reservoir, flushing silt from Guernsey Reservoir into the canals of downstream irrigators.

July 25 - At approximately noon, the release of water from Glendo Reservoir will be rapidly increased to refill Guernsey Reservoir.

July 27 - The level of Guernsey Reservoir is expected to be suitable for boating again by the morning. However, the reservoir will continue to rise by approximately 3 feet per day and is expected to reach the normal reservoir operation level on Tuesday, July 30.

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