"HEY, Vern, you think that ice is thick enough to drive on?'

'Only one way to find out I guess. Let's get the new truck that you paid too much for and find out!'

'What could go wrong?'

There are times that you get that bad feeling and you should listen to it.

Or as they say in almost every Star Wars episode, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

Below is a video of cars and trucks breaking through the ice and sinking.

Very dangerous for the people in the vehicle.

But fun for us to watch.

© Youtube
© Youtube

A video like this will always leave us with questions like, who could be so STUPID?

Well, the people in this video for one.

Worse yet, as much as this happens there are people who never learn.

What you will witness in the video below will happen again next winter.

Vehicles go through the ice more often than you would think, though no one keeps an official tally. But in states where ice fishing is big, dozens of vehicles go through the ice in a normal winter.

Minnesota began keeping statistics in 1976. So far 49 deaths have involved vehicles that plunged through the ice.

In some cases, dozens of vehicles sink all at once. At a recent ice fishing tournament at Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin 36 ice fishers came back to find their vehicles through the ice. While most trucks were only up to their wheels in water, 18 ended up fully submerged. (Fox News).

You'll also see various other types of vehicles breaking through and sinking. ENJOY!

How about just walking out there?

Never drive it, no matter how thick you think it is.

That's a smarter idea.

I'm probably with the rest of you in that I have ZERO sympathies for those who drive on ice.

They knew what they were getting into.


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