The Wyoming Highway Patrol is warning travelers to expect serious congestion on state highways after the conclusion of Monday's total solar eclipse.

Folks from other areas have trickled in over the past few days, but it's likely that many of them will try to hit the road soon after the spectacle passes. Traffic has substantially increased on state highway since Friday, with an increase of 131,000 vehicles on Saturday alone.

The Patrol says "long delays" are possible on state highways as travelers head home, particularly along the Interstate 25 corridor. Travelers should be prepared with plenty of food, water and fuel to sustain them through any traffic complications.

Those wishing to avoid heavy traffic are encouraged to stay a little longer and enjoy Wyoming while traffic thins out.

The Patrol also reminds everyone that state law requires drivers to slow down and move over for any law enforcement, emergency or other vehicle with flashing lights. Failure to do so may put the lives of first responders at risk, and could result in a hefty fine.

Several incidents involving vehicles hitting wildlife have been reported statewide over the weekend, so troopers are also reminding drivers to keep their eyes open for animals trying to cross the roadway.

It's important for drivers to limit distractions within the vehicle -- whether they be phones, loud music or heated discussions -- and focus on driving.

If you see traffic coming to a near stop or stand still, be patient. Things might be a bit crazy with all these extra people -- experts predict the influx of visitors to roughly double the state's population -- but take a deep breath and remember that getting home safely is the most important thing.

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