Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers reportedly found more than 600 lbs of methamphetamine and more than 100 lbs of cocaine in a traffic stop last month.

According to documents filed in US District Court for Wyoming, Darren Kareem Hall and Brandon Layton Rampersaud are charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. If convicted, they each face between 10 years to life behind bars.

Both are Canadian nationals.

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According to a criminal complaint, troopers stopped a red Dodge Caravan for speeding in Uinta County on October 24 for traveling 84 mph in a posted 75 mph zone.

Hall was identified as the vehicle's front seat passenger while Rampersaud was driving.

The complaint states a trooper noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. It also states the trooper learned the vehicle was a rental.

According to the complaint, Hall was seated in the trooper's vehicle to speak with him. When Hall sat in the vehicle, the trooper's drug dog immediately indicated the presence of a smell he is trained to detect.

Hall reportedly told the trooper that he and Rampersaud were in the states from Ontario for a road trip to Las Vegas. The complaint states the trooper thought it was odd that Hall and Rampersaud would rent a car from Los Angeles for a road trip to Las Vegas.

Both Hall and Rampersaud were placed in the trooper's vehicle as the trooper conducted a probable cause search of their vehicle.

The complaint states as the trooper and his dog searched their vehicle, Rampersaud said "Oh my God," and "Oh we're f----d. Oh, we're absolutely f----d."

Hall reportedly replied, "I know bro. Oh my God."

According to the complaint, the trooper unzipped a number of large duffle bags which contained methamphetamine. A "thorough" search of the vehicle turned up eight large duffle backs containing 288,306 grams (635 lbs) of methamphetamine and 50,804 grams (112 lbs) of cocaine.

Both Hall and Rampersaud were arrested at the conclusion of the stop.

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